Tourist tax 2023

What is it?

The municipality has a tourist tax because tourists use the facilities in the municipality. Entrepreneurs who offer sleeping accommodation to tourists and day tourists pay the tourist tax.

Do you offer sleeping accommodation in your hotel, guest house, group accommodation, holiday home or camping site? Then you will receive a tourist tax assessment. You can pass on this amount to the tourist (from age 4) who stays with you.

What do we do with the proceeds of the tourist tax?

The municipality is responsible for, among other things, the construction and maintenance of the roads, fire brigade, public lighting, cycling and walking routes and public gardens. None of these tasks is cost-effective. The municipality receives an allowance from the government for each resident to be able to carry out these tasks. However, the municipality does not receive benefits for residents of second homes. Because they also use the municipal facilities, they are asked to pay a contribution in the form of a tourist tax.

The rate for the tourist tax 2023 is €1.80 per person per night.

Source: Municipality of Ameland