Discover the area at Ameland

Peace seekers, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers can indulge themselves on the beautiful Ameland. Here you can enjoy every day! No day is the same. Directed by wind, water and the tides, Ameland goes on unperturbed.

Cycling on Ameland

There are many beautiful cycling routes on Ameland that will take you to the most beautiful places. The cycling routes run along the Waddenzeedijk, through forests, dunes and charming villages. Ameland offers approximately 100 km of cycle paths. Ideal for a day out exploring Ameland. Cyclists can see all types of landscapes within half a day. You will be amazed by the many different types of plants and birds. Furthermore, the cycle paths offer you a beautiful view of the sea, beach, meadows and the cozy terraces. Especially the cycle path along the Kooioerdstuifdijk and the Stuifdijkpad near the Het Oerd nature reserve are popular cycling routes among tourists. This cycle path was renewed and made wider in 2019, so that it is even more pleasant to cycle on this path.

Do you have a flat or slack tire? No problem. There are many bike shops along the bike paths that can fix your tire. There are also many bicycle rental companies for renting two-wheelers, tandems and even cargo bikes.

Walking on Ameland

The many walking routes along charming villages, nature reserves and over the dunes. That makes Ameland special! Here you can explore the challenging nature and of course the most beautiful spots of the island. Various interesting walking events are organized on Ameland every year. Hiking trails with distances from 3 to 25 kilometers. Everything, here on Ameland.

On Ameland you will also find various routes for young and old. The Paddenpad on Ameland is a fun route for young children. The path is 2.1 km long and the starting point is at the Nature Center of Nes. Then you walk a short distance along the edge of Nes. Pretty soon you end up in the forest and you can choose from different routes. Along the way you can read nice information about nature and life on Ameland on the signs.

Hollumerduinen and Lange duinen are a must for real hiking enthusiasts. The trail is 8.6 km long and the starting point is Oranjeweg. Opposite the Oranjeweg is the Lighthouse of Hollum. This is the very easy to find starting point. While walking this path you will walk over dry dunes, through damp dune valleys and along the beautiful beach. Beautiful!

Wad excursions, fun!

Have you always wanted to walk on the mudflats? The mudflat bottom dries out twice a day. That gives you the opportunity to walk on it. There are many interesting mudflat excursions on Ameland to learn more about the mudflats themselves. During the mudflat walking tour you take a walk on the mudflats and you will receive an explanation from a guide. The origin, management, threats and especially the enormous natural value of the mudflats are discussed. In this beautiful nature reserve you will find many surprises from the richness of flora and fauna.

It is also possible to take a seal tour. The seal tour is a trip on the Wadden Sea with the highlight being a visit to the nature reserve where the seals reside.

When the sandbanks have dried up, there is a lot to see. Behold the many mussels, cockles and the large number of different species of birds. During a shell tour you will see beautiful shells and you can disembark for a half-hour walk on the dry seabed. Experience the fantastic view from the sea on the island and see the beauty of Ameland from a different perspective.

Visit VVV Ameland to see if an excursion is planned during your stay on Ameland.

Ameland Adventures

Ameland Adventure makes your holiday on Ameland more interesting, more exciting, more active and more challenging! At Ameland Adventures you will find your limits in a safe way and you will experience a great day. From archery and sand yachting to bubble football and kite buggying. It’s all possible at Ameland Adventures! You can come here with small groups, but large groups are also welcome.

Ameland Adventures also offers you the opportunity to surf the waves. The first surf lesson lasts about 1.5 hours and will also focus on the theoretical part. The theoretical part takes about 15 minutes, and after that you race over the high waves of Ameland for the first time! 7 participants can join per certified instructor. There is also the possibility to take a private lesson. The instructor will then go on the water with you alone. Different surfing techniques are discussed, and you get more personal attention than group lessons. With a private lesson you will master the technique faster and wave surfing will be even easier for you.

Nature Center & Barefoot Path

Ameland Nature Center has a provocative Barefoot Path. Here you walk on sand, shells, gravel and the forest path. You can combine a visit to the Barefoot Path with a visit to Nature Center Ameland. Of course it is also ideal for a children’s party. The shoes can be left in a shoe box or you can take them with you in a special shoe bag.

In addition to the Barefoot Path, you can also do many other fun activities such as a beach excursion, mudflat wandering, mudflat tours, Kooiduinen safari, feeding fish or even a lighthouse tour.

Ameland Nature Center has a beautiful aquarium, a landscape room and a lab room. In the Water Theater you enter the underwater world full of life. On the first floor you will learn more about the porpoises, sperm whales and seals. You will also be amazed at the number of beautiful fish that live in the aquarium. The fish in the aquarium are fed at a fixed time and the experts enthusiastically explain certain fish species.

Nature reserve Het Oerd

Nature reserve Het Oerd is known for its beautiful old dune area with high dunes and moist dune valleys, which decorate the walking tour. Furthermore, the area has a rich and varied vegetation. The highest sand dune is no less than +24 meters and bears the name Oerdblinkert. In the nature reserve Het Oerd you can take a nice walk and have a unique view over the salt marshes. Fun fact: the name Oerd comes from a village that once drowned. The salt marsh is the accumulation of land outside the dam, and thousands of birds can be seen at high tide. In the area you can also spot many hen and hen harriers and in the eastern sand dunes you will find a colony of over 3300 pairs of herring gulls.

Outside the breeding season, many birds try to find refuge on the Wadden. When they return in search of food due to high tide, they stay at Het Oerd and De Hon. You will see many birds such as redshank, curlew, black-tailed godwit, stingray and sandpiper, especially in autumn.