Discover the villages on Ameland

A rich history, beautiful nature, many sights, cozy terraces… The villages on Ameland each have their own charm and are definitely worth a visit!


The lively capital of Ameland is an excellent starting point. A village that was once dominated by tough commanders. Whaling captains left their mark on the streets. Characteristic houses from the 17th and 18th centuries still breathe the heyday of hunting in the northern ice seas.

Tip: pay attention to the ‘mouse teeth’ in the facades. Two ledges with pointed stones in a commander’s house, one less row for the helmsman. But Nes is much more than historical tribute.

Nes, the capital of Ameland, has many beautiful sights. Take, for example, the ferry dock and the marina. The marina is open from April 1 to November 1 and is accessible to small ships. Due to the shallow depth at the harbor entrance, at low tide 0.60-0.80 meters, the harbor is not suitable for large vessels. Look out for the many beautiful ships and boats.


Buren, bordered by rolling meadows with cows and sheep, is also one of the picturesque places on Ameland. Buren is also known as the youngest village in Ameland and has visibly moved with the times. The cozy heart of the village is formed by modern amenities such as shops, lively cafes and inviting terraces, which guarantee conviviality.

The cozy heart of the village is formed by modern amenities such as shops, lively cafes and inviting terraces, which guarantee conviviality. Het Oerd is known for its old and richly overgrown dune complex. The Oerdblinkert is the highest dune of Ameland with +24 meters. From this high dune you have a beautiful view over the nature reserve.

The most beautiful walking route in the vicinity of Buren is Buurderduinen. During a 4.5 km long trip, this walking route takes you along the most beautiful locations on Ameland. This walk is very special as it also takes you through 3 different areas. It starts at the dunes, flows into the woods and ends with a walk on the beach. A real “must do” for every nature lover.


The well-preserved historic heart of Hollum still breathes a maritime past. In beautiful commander’s houses that seem to seek shelter together. Stories… Hollum has them in abundance!

In addition to the rich history of Hollum, it is also the largest village and also the westernmost village of Ameland. Hollum is definitely recommended for cultural trips. With no fewer than 53 national monuments, you don’t have enough time to see everything in one day.


In the leafy heart of the village, trendy and traditional effortlessly go hand in hand. Guests can enjoy a carefree Nobeltje (the ‘house drink’ of Ameland), wander through a museum full of nostalgia or enjoy active sporting activities. A sightseeing flight, para-jumping and gliding. Everything is possible!

Ballum has the smallest number of inhabitants of Ameland. It has a small-scale airport in the western part of the village. Ameland Airport was built in 1945 in consultation with the Ministry of Defense. The single 850 x 30 meter grass runway is used for landing and take-off by both business and recreational air traffic. For the real daredevil, parachute flights, sightseeing flights and gliding flights can be booked here.